Curcuma Longa

Found in: Superlative Body Balm / Soothing Powder

Key benefits: Anti-Inflammatory. Analgesic. Antioxidant. Ant-Aging. Enhances mood. 

Derived from: Turmeric roots


Turmeric is a perennial herb in the ginger family that’s been used medicinally for thousands of years. In the past decade, its reputation has grown as studies emerge that give credence to its various health benefits. Research shows that the curcuminoid compounds in turmeric communicate with over 160 pathways in the body to support brain health, cardiovascular health, tissue health and more. While it is probably best known as an anti-inflammatory (reducing aches and pains) and antioxidant (protecting skin from harmful free radicals), turmeric has also been shown to combat everything from depression and low blood sugar to certain types of cancers.