Sleep Essentials Headband Sleep Essentials Headband Sleep Essentials Headband

Sleep Essentials Headband

natureofthings x Brock Collection

A headband from the natureofthings x Brock Collection limited edition Sleep Essentials collaboration.

Made With…

Winding Foliage Print from Maison BUCOL, French blue grosgrain, Satin

Made For…

A bathroom essential to pull back hair while cleansing and treating the skin, morning and evening.

Sleep Essentials Headband

What Is It

A beautifully-crafted silk-lined headband made a winding foliage print selected from the archives of Maison BUCOL, a French fabric mill that Brock Collection often works with and accented with French blue grosgrain. The design expresses BC’s soft romantic touches paired with a calming, serene floral that serves as inspiration to the world of natureofthings. 


Keeps Face Clear of Hair
Beautiful Vanity Accessory

The Details

How To Use

How To Use

Pull back hair with headband before cleansing and treating your face with the Face Essentials Plus collection. Allow all applied products to full dry before removing.



Maison BUCOL print 54% Viscose, 41% Cotton, 5% Metal + 100% Silk Liner

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