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Polished Head-To-Toe Polished Head-To-Toe Polished Head-To-Toe Polished Head-To-Toe Polished Head-To-Toe
Curated Rituals

Polished Head-To-Toe

45 G / 150 ML

Two skin-perfecting products that gently polish and prep the skin for maximum absorption of our bath immersions, body care and skin care.

Made With…

Clarifying Facial Polish, Cleansing Body & Scalp Polish

Made For…

Cleansing, Exfoliating & Moisturizing

Curated Rituals

Polished Head-To-Toe

What Is It

Clarifying Facial Polish
Combining the purifying action of a cleanser with the resurfacing and glow-enhancing benefits of an exfoliant. 


Cleansing Body & Scalp Polish
A multi-benefit formula that ensures clean, smooth and nourished skin from head to toe.


Purify and detoxify
Exfoliate Stimulate circulation
Balance dermal pH levels
Cleanse skin and remove impurities 
Exfoliate and smooth texture 
Reduce the appearance of pores

The Details

How To Use

Pour 1/2 teaspoon of Clarifying Facial Polish into the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of water and mix until you achieve a creamy consistency. Gently massage into face and neck using circular motions.

For Scalp - Apply to dampened scalp and hair in shower, gently rubbing from roots to tips for at least 45 seconds. Rinse thoroughly.

For Body - Apply to dampened skin as an exfoliator before entering a bath or during a shower. Massage gently in circular motions to buff away dry skin. Rinse thoroughly in warm water and pat dry. Follow with Nourishing Body Creme.



For full ingredient panels see Clarifying Facial Polish and Cleansing Body & Scalp Polish product pages.

FDA Statements

FDA Statements

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Key Ingredients

See Glossary

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