Fortify In Comfort Fortify In Comfort Fortify In Comfort Fortify In Comfort
Body Care

Fortify In Comfort

227 G / 1 Blanket
A limited Holiday ritual offering.  Our award-winning magnesium soak combined with an ultra soft baby alpaca throw from designer Emme Parsons.
Made With…

Fortifying Magnesium Soak & Emme Parsons Baby Alpaca Blanket

Made For…

Soothing Relaxation and Comforting Warmth

Body Care

Fortify In Comfort

What It Is

Fortifying Magnesium Soak
A soothing immersion to detoxify the body, alleviate soreness and promote a restful night’s sleep.
Emme Parsons Baby Alpaca Blanket
An ultra soft throw for shoulders or sofas, the blanket is made in Peru from 100% baby alpaca fiber; one of the rarest fibers in the world. Warm but highly breathable, the stitched edges and graphic block motif create a luxe but cozy finish on the neutral, which drapes beautifully on any surface.


Detoxifies and hydrates body
Alleviates pain and soreness
Supports healthy immune system
Ultra Soft
Natural Material

The Details



Throw 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca Wool + Fortifying Magnesium Soak

FDA Statement

FDA Statement

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Key Ingredients

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