Skin Smoothing Stones Skin Smoothing Stones
Body Care

Skin Smoothing Stones

Enrich your bath immersion ritual with these Skin-Smoothing Stones. They are crafted entirely from French white clay, a natural exfoliant that promotes healthy skin regeneration, evens tone and balances oil production. 

Made With…

French White Clay

Made For…

Exfoliation & Increasing Blood Circulation

Also Available:

Face Stone, Body Stone, Skin Smoothing Stones

Body Care

Skin Smoothing Stones

What is it

These skin-smoothing stones are artisan-made for natureofthings in the South of France. Use the smaller stone on the face to brighten complexion, tighten pores and eliminate blackheads. The larger stone— intended for the body—buffs away dryness and dullness for fresh, supple skin that’s soft to the touch. Applied in a light circular motion, the stones boost blood flow and massage sore muscles. 




Promotes even skin tone

Stimulates blood circulation

The Details

How to use

How to use

Activate stone with water. Applying little to no pressure, massage skin using circular motions until entire surface of face and/or body is covered. Rinse. Follow with Nourishing Body Creme.  

Standard buffing: Calves, posterior, thighs, feet
Light buffing: face, back, shoulders, chest, hands, stomach 

When to Apply: Use once or twice a week.  

Do not use on broken skin or during acne or sensitive skin flare ups.



Made with 100% French White Clay.

Key Ingredients

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