Sleep Essentials Eye Mask Sleep Essentials Eye Mask Sleep Essentials Eye Mask Sleep Essentials Eye Mask

Sleep Essentials Eye Mask

natureofthings x Brock Collection

A sleep eye mask from the natureofthings x Brock Collection limited edition Sleep Essentials collaboration.

Made With…

Winding Foliage Print from Maison BUCOL, French blue grosgrain, Satin

Made For…

Maximum Rest & Relaxation

Sleep Essentials Eye Mask

What Is It

A beautifully-crafted silk-lined sleep eye mask made a winding foliage print selected from the archives of Maison BUCOL, a French fabric mill that Brock Collection often works with and accented by French blue grosgrain. The design expresses BC’s soft romantic touches paired with a calming, serene floral that serves as inspiration to the world of natureofthings. Often paired with the not x BC scented rose petal and lavender aromatherapy dream pillow which includes a pocket to store the mask.


Higher Quality Sleep
Awake Refreshed

The Details

How to Use

How to Use

After applying the natureofthings Rejuvenating Overnight Facial Mask, tuck yourself in and pull sleep mask over eyes. Drift off to sleep for at least 8 hours. Awake with a refreshed mind and skin.



Maison BUCOL print 54% Viscose, 41% Cotton, 5% Metal + 100% Silk Liner


Infusing the right touch of scent into each product, natureofthings delivers a product line that is effective, long-lasting and always natural.  Collaborating with natureofthings was really natural for Brock. Together we designed an edited collection of the essentials for sleep - a French silk plush pillowed sleep mask, an aromatherapy pillow that faintly romanticizes, and finally a headband to hold your hair back while you focus on your skin - or your sleep.  We love it all.

Laura Vassar

Brock Collection

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