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We believe it is right to feel good. But fast answers and quick fixes won’t get us there. Taking care of oneself is a daily practice. It means tuning in to the rhythms of our own bodies as well as those of the world around us. It means being present in the moment to lay a more healthful foundation for the future. Of course, we do not take credit for these ideas. They are practically as old as time. Yet they are powerful and true.

They are the nature of things.



We believe in the healing alchemy of the natural world. Our ingredients come from the earth — plants, minerals and elements.  No harmful petrochemicals or unsafe toxins. We use organic botanicals whenever possible and our formulas comply with the most stringent of clean beauty standards.



Each of our products' efficiency is clinically proven through an extensive battery of tests. During the formulation process, our in-house developer works closely with our chemists to ensure everything from ingredient interaction to absorption process is optimized for maximum efficacy. We're constantly learning and researching to stay at the forefront of wellness and skincare innovations.



We hold both ourselves and our partners to the highest possible standards. We never cut corners or take shortcuts. We work only with farms and labs we trust and with manufacturing facilities that are Good Manufacturing Practice-certified. Our materials are tested three times (for potency, stability and toxicology) over the course of the production process.

Learn more about our standards. 

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Sustainability Commitment


We are continually examining the packaging design options available in market to see how their evolution may strengthen our sustainability narrative. We've already begun taking steps to increase repurposablity, recyclablity and compostablity with our latest product refresh. LEARN MORE

Every Body


Natureofthings is for all genders and all ages. We don’t formulate our products for a specific customer or think in terms of target demographics. We’re made for everyone and every body, mind and spirit.

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