natureofthings is committed to providing full transparency of our ingredients and production standards as well as our rigorous quality-control process. Each batch is sent to a licensed and certified testing lab to be independently tested for: Potency, Residual Solvents (VOCs), Mold & Heavy Metals. You can access and download the current results for every product below.

Product UPC Code Hemp Extract Amount Testing Lab CoA
Fortifying Magnesium Soak 850009415011 60mg 374 Labs Download
Restorative Floral Bath 850009415004 250mg 374 Labs
Nourishing Body Creme 850009415028 250mg 374 Labs Download
Superlative Body Balm 850009415035 500mg 374 Labs Download
Lucidity Powder 850009415042 15mg per sachet 374 Labs
Soothing Powder 850009415059 30mg per sachet 374 Labs

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