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Our Sustainability

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Philosophy At natureofthings, we are as thoughtful about what goes into our packaging as we are about our formulations. Our aim is to minimize our environmental impact and close the loop between what we take from the Earth and what we give back. This means thinking beyond recycling with its current infrastructure issues and limitations.


Reduce Waste

We use the least amount of plastic possible while maintaining quality standards, and we design our glass and wood vessels with minimal branding to encourage that they be repurposed, rather than discarded, when empty. Simply wash the jars throroughly with soap and warm water, towel dry and think of creative ways of using them for decorative storage.


If our outer packaging looks a bit different, it’s because we’ve made meaningful strides to reduce its carbon footprint, moving away from the cylindrical shape carton we all loved which, unfortunately, had to be sourced from overseas and was also less space-efficient for packing. We now make everything stateside, using FSC certified recycled hemp boards that are easy to compost or recycle and an eco-friendly soy-based ink for labeling. 


We’ve introduced a new bag for our Fortifying Magnesium Soak that is compostable with a few considerations and easy steps. While still to be perfected, it is a step in the right direction and is a feature we’re moving toward for other products, including refillable solutions.

As we continue to grow and evolve, so will our sustainability efforts. This is our commitment to you, to ourselves and to the world we share. 


How To

Our Fortifying Magnesium Soak bags are made from 60% biodegradable recycled wood pulp and 40% polyethylene that contains an enzyme so that it disintegrates much faster than standard plastic. They are designed to be composted at home and not at a commercial facility.

1. Remove the plastic valve at the center of the bag and place in your recycling bin.

2. The remaining bag material is 100% biodegradable in phases. Place the bag in your home compost heap, where active microbes will break the wood pulp-derived components down within a few months.

3. After just a few months the recycled wood pulp packaging will be fully disintegrated. At that time you can rake out the remaining polyethylene liner and dispose of in the recycling bin or landfill trash where it will continue to fully degrade.

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